September 27, 2005

Feeling Randy

Posted in Baseball at 3:35 pm by antonello

With as much subtely as a 6’10” behemoth of a Hall Famer can, Randy Johnson has snuck to a 16 – 8 on the year.  His efforts stand out with those of Robinson “Can-Do” Cano (396 OBP /685 SLG / 1081 OPS) , Jorge “P-Man” Posada (443 / 594 / 1039) and the always dominant A-Rod (443 / 586 / 1030) in pushing da Bombers to a sterling 17 – 6 record in September. 

Following on a 19-9 August, a .705 winning clip is some kind of sexy, though it is buoyed by a fantastic record in one-run games.  The Yanks had a mediocre and somewhat unlucky start the year.  Now, they are coming on strong down the stretch helped by the kind spurs of Lady Luck – will it hold out?

Three factors:

1.  Do two or three starters distinguish themselves as dependable?

2.  Do Rivera and Gordon tire out after heavy usage?

3.  Does the offense continue chugging at this clip? 

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