November 4, 2005

Google Desktop

Posted in Technology at 7:16 pm by antonello

The first iteration of Desktop left much to be desired.  A basic replication of the google search interface for searching my desktop was a nice amenity, but it did not significantly impact how I worked.  For searching desktop I have always preferred Copernic which gives a better breakdown of exactly what files fit the search criteria and offers preview of a highlighted file.

 The second beta was an upgrade certainly.  On an anecdotal basis I certainly found it more effective.  The introduction of the sidebar was interesting, but I didn’t even use it beyond a single go.  I couldn’t see the immediate utility and I am extremely protective my desktop space.

Today I decided it was high time to try the new version of the Desktop, especially now that it had graduated from beta.  Several features really caught my eye.  I predominatly use RSS feeds via my yahoo to keep track of sites I visit regularly.  Even before RSS really caught on, I used my yahoo as a launching point. The new Google desktop may change all of that. 

The web clips feature (I am ashamed to say I don’t know whether this is significantly different than the beta version) is the second portlet available on the Google sidebar.  The clips are drawn from RSS feeds.  An added module allows a user to add RSS feeds from recently visited sites (presumably brought in from your web history); the web clips refresh to keep you constantly updated with the latest from your respective sites. 

This certainly improves on the my yahoo interface because it is no longer necessary to browse between pages to see which site has been updated; web clips does that for you.  Expanding the web clips portlet brings up a scrolling window the height of your screen that gives you a list of clips from the past day.  The RSS of frequently visited sites can be added with a tick. 

Also included is the immediate google search bar, weather, news, etc.   Desktop has got a hook in me; now here’s to seeing if it reels me in.


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