November 7, 2005

Troubles in France

Posted in Politics at 3:35 pm by antonello

I find it odd that at least in the American media it has been very difficult to find a report about the troubles in France that is not written from a top-down perspective. Frequently the coverage has concentrated on Sarkozy, de Villepin or Chiraq (or his absence until recently). Usually this prefaced by a description like this one from the AFP or this one from the bbc:

Police figures showed 1,408 vehicles were destroyed overnight — up on the previous record of 1,300 on Saturday — and 395 people arrested. Most of the cars — nearly 1,000 — were in towns and cities outside Paris, reflecting the way the violence has spread from its original flashpoint. (AFP)

At least 1,400 vehicles have been burnt out and 395 people arrested in France’s latest rioting, while the unrest has apparently claimed its first fatality. (BBC)

Where are interviews with any of the people involved in the violence? Occasionally you read a French politician saying that the violence is “organized.” Is it? It seems strange if it were because there has been no press of a leader or any organization.

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