December 22, 2005

Damon continued

Posted in Baseball at 2:36 pm by antonello

The futility infielder had less kind words to say about the signing.  I agree with him that signing a 32 year-old centerfielder at a rather large annual rate is a sign of a bad moon rising trend that the Yankees habitually fall into.  But, the talk over the last couple of weeks regarding viable alternatives for centerfield, Jeremy Reed (3.4 WARP3) or Jason Michaels (4.4 WARP3), for examples, was usually centered around giving up a bunch from the Bombers side, up to and including Robinson Cano (5.0 WARP3), Chien-Ming Wang (4.1 WARP3), or Scott Proctor (do i have to: .6 WARP3).  Proctor would not be much of a loss, but giving up Cano and/or Wang for centerfielder of that quality would not be worth the trade-off.  So Damon brings an expected 5 or so wins this year, (which are also taken from the Red Sox), and the Yankees hold on to two valuable young things.  I would have loved to see a younger, long-term, better fielding alternative, but this was the best deal available.

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