December 30, 2005

Something stinks here

Posted in Politics at 5:44 pm by antonello

The Justice Department is investigating who leaked the NSA / FISA information to the press. Presumably this is somehow equated to the Plame scandal. That stinks of something political particularly becayse the DOJ had to be pushed to investigate Plame initially. Also, if Alberto Gonzales is sure that the president’s actions are defensible by the Constitution and/or 9/11 legtistlation, why is so important it is invesigated at all? I suppose the argument must be that the leak endangered national security. Maybe there is merit to that: certainly telling Congress would have endangered national security. Wha-hunh?

The President overstepped the executive branch. Whether or not this transgression is criminal is important. Punishing he or she who revealed this information is despicable.


  1. Lynn said,

    Nothing that goes on in the BB (Bush Bullshit) administration suprises me. Let us ignor that fact that King George has ordered illegal wiretaps. Let us insted focus on the dirty rat who ratted us out. When are the voices of the people King George serves going to be loud enough to hear the word” IMPEACHMENT” to King George! NOW!!!

  2. Craig said,

    Yep, ironic. The guys who swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution and are ignoring their oath want to find the leakers who also swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and feel an obligation to let Americans know the Constitution is being violated.

    The Bush Administration is like a bully backed into a corner that puffs up to threaten people. This is the year the American people need to hold Bush accountable. Check out Paul Krugman’s column which reminds us that Bush has finally lost his media gloss in the last year. America is catching on.

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