February 8, 2006

New PECOTA out / WBC

Posted in Baseball at 9:13 am by antonello

Baseball season is around the frickin’ corner.  Yeah, I know it’s been out for a couple of days.  Quit your whining.  Point is good times are ahead.

I am surprised at the apathy about the WBC.  Granted, MLB has done very little right in making this thing work.  Planning the event to happen in spring training is a mistake for several reasons, all of which have been documented elsewhere.  Players won’t be ready, and pitch counts and the “mercy rule” are terrible for games.  The timing allowed many players to step out of the tournament.

Having lived abroad for several years, I have witnessed and participated in the passion inspired by several different World Cups including soccer, rugby and cricket (guess where I lived abroad?).  Seeing the different strategies, strengths and weaknesses of different countries was always fascinating.  And it’s a chance to see Cuba play which is a rare opportunity.

I had assumed Dominican Republican and the US were going to be the last ones playing, but considering the Caribbean World Series (excellently reported on at weblog that derek built – a sample), Venezuela looks to be a top contender too.  Japan and Cuba should be interesting to watch, if nothing else.   And goddamn it South Africa is going to shock people.  By playing at all.

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