April 3, 2006

Baseball’s here – AL Predictions

Posted in Baseball at 9:39 am by antonello

April's here so the sod and turf of another baseball season is upon us.  Quick random picks for this year's standings

AL East

Just to keep 'em guessing I've thrown Tampa a bone.  Their offense comes out of nowhere to power them to a strong 1st half.  They swoon in the 2nd half, but Kazmir keeps them alive enough to break out of the cellar.  The Sox take the division after the Yankees struggle to keep their pitching together.  The Jays underperform considering their hefty winter investment.

AL Central
Chi Sox
Kansas City

Cleveland gets quality production from young offense and the pitching holds together enough to stave off a late run by the surging ChiSox, led by a resurgent Thome.  J Santana and F Liriano light it up all season for the Twins but MIN is unable to get consistent offense to back them up.  Detroit has a strong second half, leading some to believe in miracles, but in the end, lackluster sales and international competition doom them to 4th place finish.  KC sucks.

AL West
LA Angels
The A's will rival the Twins for bestest pitching staff, but will still struggle to bring runners around the horn.  Milton Bradley has a good year.  Vlad is not enough to get the Angels into the playoffs.  Texas makes some improvement, but the heat destroys them yet again. Beltre has a better year than expected as does Jeremy Reed.  Ichiro slips a bit but gets his 200 hits.  Seattles isn't able to get everyone on the same page to make a serious run.


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