April 11, 2006

Klein’s forthcoming book about Kerry

Posted in Politics at 2:11 pm by antonello

via Tapped and Greg Sargent, the bubbling toiling double trouble of what went wrong with Kerry 04.  From Klein's article:

Perhaps the worst moment came with the Bush Administration torture scandal: How to respond to Abu Ghraib? Hold a focus group. But the civilians who volunteered for an Arkansas focus group were conflicted; ultimately, they believed the Bush Administration should do whatever was necessary to extract information from the "terrorists." The consultants were unanimous in their recommendation to the candidate: Don't talk about it. Kerry had entered American politics in the early 1970s, protesting the Vietnam War, including the atrocities committed by his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. But he followed his consultants' advice, never once mentioning Abu Ghraib — or the Justice Department memo that "broadened" accepted interrogation techniques — in his acceptance speech or, remarkably, in his three debates with Bush.

Bob Shrum not surprisingly refutes the accusations.  I don't usually see eye to eye with Klein, but I have to agree with him here.  Klein told Sargent : "And, of course, the proof is on the record: Kerry did not mention Abu Ghraib — or, equally important, the Bush Justice Department Torture Memo — in either his acceptance speech or the three debates.  I like and respect Bob [Shrum], but I find it odd that he was willing to talk to you and not to me, despite repeated requests during the writing of this book." 

Kerry shied away from directly attacking W's biggest failures again and again.  Not mentioning Bush at all during the convention and Abu Ghraib are examples of a campaign paralyzed with not fucking up so much they fucked up.  

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