April 12, 2006

How Much Bull is McCain Moosin’?

Posted in Politics at 3:27 pm by antonello

Characterizing McCain as a Bull Moose Progressive is reasonable enough. The Moose himself would agree with this assessment. McCain is a fiscal conservative, and a military hawk. Social progressive is a more thorny issue.  He cannily heads up policies which are applauded in the media and are broadly popular (No global warming!  No torture! No steroids).  More than being socially progressive what McCain is politically aware.  Since his fall in South Carolina, he has built a persona of a pragmatic politician above the partisan fray.  Issues he adopts his own are unassailable and moderate because he has endorsed them.  

McCain has learned from his primary adversary and his advisors.  He realizes that it is less important what he does as how he is perceived.  He is exceedingly territorial with his powerbroker position, his moderate throne as evidenced by his reaction to Obama’s overtures several months ago.  As I write this, I am noticing that it smells an awful lot like Mark Schmitt’s article in American Prospect, so you should probably read that instead.  Mark Schmitt always seems to get there first.

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