April 12, 2006

Yankees roll on

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The Bombers have kicked some offensive butt the last two days. The pitching has been more suspect. Are Wang and Chacon returning to real form or is this an aberration? Wang I think suffers from porous Yankee defense. I am more suspicious of Chacon, and he didn't do much to alleive of my concerns: 7 hits, 5 ER over 6 innings. On the good side, he seems to be striking out some more people than he did last year.

Some random notes:

  • Giambino creates the strangest lines ever. As of this morning's game, .211 BA / .500 OBP / .368 SLG / .868 OPS. He hit a couple of doubles today so his average will go up. Still a freaky dude. Maybe his eyes are taking steroids without telling him.
  • Jeter garnered praise about everything for his game-winning HR yesterday A round-up:
    • "He always had a flair for the dramatic," Bernie Williams said. "I would be surprised if he doesn't do anything." (AP)
    • "It seems when something needs to happen, he seems to be at the start of it or the end of it," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. (AP)
    • "I've seen it for years," Rivera said. "That doesn't surprise me at all." (AP)
    • "I jumped high out of the dugout," Damon said. "The guy knows how to play." (AP)
    • "I have been redeemed." A-Rod said, "My sins have been forgiven." (NYT)
    • "Damn in if Jeter didn't discover cold fusion when he won that game! He can do anything!" Abraham Lincoln (Tribune)
  • I like Jeter a lot, and he won the game. Yay! But here's a thought experiment: if A-Rod hit that HR what would the reaction be? A round-up:
    • A-Rod won the game, but it was against the Royals. He still doesn't have what it takes to win against a real team.
    • The Yankees should have been winning anyway
    • A-Rod saves his home runs for games that don't matter
    • A-Rod killed a pony
    • A-Rod broke up the Beatles
    • A-Rod refused to sign the Oslo Peace Accords

    Afterword: Larry Mahnken, like Mark Schmitt, got there first.


April 10, 2006

RBI Baseball Game 6, ’86 Series

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Too awesome.


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Yankees closer Mariana Rivera made his season debut, giving up a single to Casey Kotchman in a scoreless ninth.

You bring in Rivera in a 10-1 rout, but don't bring him in a tie game last week against Oakland? 

April 7, 2006

WTF, indeed

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Brattain is right. Loria is a robber baron, and his cohorts are no better. They make O'Malley look like santa claus liberating political prisoners from a gulag.

Fixing Steroids

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This goes someway to explaining the issues with the Mitchell Commission.

The Mitchell Commission is a typical Selig manuever: do just enough to cover your ass.  This inevitably will not do enough to assuage those are currently up in arms about this stuff.  Steroid abuse is a reflection of extremely competitive athletes and ownership willing to look the other way just enough for long enough.  The game was rescusitated in the late 90s at the expense of some of its integrity.  This isn't a new phenomenon: every era in baseball has suffered a similar in setback.  I would be much happier if Congress took as much interest in making tobacco illegal as it did steroids 

April 4, 2006

whoopin’ oakland way

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damn – the yanks demolished the A's last night, 15-2.  Zito didn't seem to even his "C" game and got crushed to left, right & center.  Randy Johnson looked all right – will this season be a reversion to the pre-Yankee domination?

April 3, 2006

Baseball’s here – AL Predictions

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April's here so the sod and turf of another baseball season is upon us.  Quick random picks for this year's standings

AL East

Just to keep 'em guessing I've thrown Tampa a bone.  Their offense comes out of nowhere to power them to a strong 1st half.  They swoon in the 2nd half, but Kazmir keeps them alive enough to break out of the cellar.  The Sox take the division after the Yankees struggle to keep their pitching together.  The Jays underperform considering their hefty winter investment.

AL Central
Chi Sox
Kansas City

Cleveland gets quality production from young offense and the pitching holds together enough to stave off a late run by the surging ChiSox, led by a resurgent Thome.  J Santana and F Liriano light it up all season for the Twins but MIN is unable to get consistent offense to back them up.  Detroit has a strong second half, leading some to believe in miracles, but in the end, lackluster sales and international competition doom them to 4th place finish.  KC sucks.

AL West
LA Angels
The A's will rival the Twins for bestest pitching staff, but will still struggle to bring runners around the horn.  Milton Bradley has a good year.  Vlad is not enough to get the Angels into the playoffs.  Texas makes some improvement, but the heat destroys them yet again. Beltre has a better year than expected as does Jeremy Reed.  Ichiro slips a bit but gets his 200 hits.  Seattles isn't able to get everyone on the same page to make a serious run.

March 21, 2006


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Japan kicked Cuba’s butt, ending a great couple weeks of baseball.  Most surprised at the result.  If you would have told me before this whole thing started that the final would be Cuba and Japan I wouldn’t have necessarily blanched, but after the 1st two rounds, Japan looked lackluster.  But the Rising Sun rose to the occasion.  Ichiro’s seems particularly thrilled.  He certainly resembles Michael Jordan in the way press describes him, while Hideki seems to have more of a Magic aura.  I wonder how close that is to the case or it is the easier way to frame the story.

March 20, 2006

At It Again

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Theo’s done good with this one. Wily Mo will be mo wily than Arroyo this year guaranteed. Also you get rid of Bronson’s questionable facial hair. A win-win for the Sox, and lose-lose for my boys in the Bronx.

March 16, 2006

That’s incentive

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Prior to the start of the second round, the Korean government announced that it would waive for its players the mandatory three-year stint in the armed forces — imposed on every Korean male — if the team reached the semifinals in San Diego.

This is the kind of thing the American team is missing.  My suggestion is that the US impose a mandatory military service requirement just to waive the requirement for WBC participants, if they make it to the final.  That’s right – next level, people!  We’re the USA damnit.

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