April 17, 2006

uterus weekly

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via panopticist (I'm in a real re-blogging state of mind today). Actual picture forthcoming when wp.com decides not to hate me.


Neal: I’m Grumpy too.

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Neal Pollack always provides me with chuckles & chortles aplenty.  He's been on a roll in the last several weeks. Here is a fantastic exchange with his son:

Also present at the Blessing Of The Animals [ed note: an event Pollack was attending with his son] were some anti-anti-immigration protesters, who I imagine will propagandize at every non-Republican public event for the next 15 years, until the current generation of bloated white racists is either dead or shitting their pants in various public warehouses for the elderly. Elijah asked me why the people were yelling, and what the signs said.

"They're mad because bad people want them to go away," I said, not knowing how to explain xenophobia to a three-year-old.

"Do you want them to go away?"

"No, I think they're fine."

"You're not a bad person."

"Thank you, son."

"Sometimes you're grumpy, though."

"Yeah, well, so are you."

April 13, 2006


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from digby on Klein's new book:

Klein criticizing the Democratic consultants is like Charlie Manson criticizing Richard Dahmer as far as I'm concerned.